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by Prescient Priscilla
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Pisces Personality Traits

Pisces Dates: February 19 – March 20

Pisces Personality Traits, Pisces Character:

By all accounts, those lucky enough to be born under the sign of Pisces are regarded as having a deep sensitivity. This sensitivity felt by Pisces translates into profound empathy for others and Pisces can therefore be seen as the most emotionally ‘in-touch’ of all the stars signs. Pisces has charm, Pisces is caring and Pisces is nurturing. Pisces intimate relationship with his or her own emotions is such that Pisces can tend to swing between optimism and pessimism rarely holding the middle ground for long.

While Pisces is, on the whole, a sign that is less materialistic than the others, great success is often found by Pisces due to the fact that Pisces has an almost universal sympathy and this profound connection often leads to many rewards in life.

On the negative side Pisces can also be found to be have a devious side to their nature to a certain degree and all is not always what it seems with a Pisces. However, Pisces finds huge difficulty in hurting others due to Pisces deep fellow feeling and this devious nature is more often than not put to use in order to help others rather than benefit Pisces directly. 

Pisces would usually find it too difficult to profit directly from acting against their better nature and thus any deviousness shown is more likely to have a beneficial intent.

Pisces has in common with Gemini a wonderful imagination and is highly creative. Pisces has artistic talent across many areas and this finds its way into all aspects of Pisces’ life.

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