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Pisces Money/Career

Pisces Dates: February 19 – March 20

Pisces Money Aquarius Career

Aquarius is generally found to be a clear and logical thinker and Aquarius is therefore happiest and most productive when Aquarius finds him or herself in a role where this is important. The legal profession is therefore an ideal place for Aquarius to excel and Aquarius can often be found to excel in this area of work. Accountancy or any other profession concerned with numbers also employs many from the sign of Aquarius. Yet Aquarius has other qualities too and Aquarius’s ability to work well with others due to their level of popularity often leads Aquarius into sales. Aquarius is a great seller – it doesn’t really matter which product Aquarius is selling – and can often be found to be so successful that they quickly rise to the top of the tree. Aquarius is a great thinker too, due to Aquarius’s capacity for rational and exacting thought. Aquarius can therefore also be found as a doctor or a scientist or even philosopher.

Aquarius often feels the need to take a leading role in the workplace and if this is denied them (and people of lesser ability are promoted above them) then Aquarius will suffer. When Aquarius does reach management level, however, Aquarius will generally make a great success of this as Aquarius also tends to work well in big teams.

Aquarius is skilled in all the social graces and this is a great boon in the workplace as it means that Aquarius has no difficulty in mixing in with the other workplace personalities. Often we find that Aquarius will join a large company at the bottom of the ladder and steadily work upwards until Aquarius is in a position of power and influence. This is natural and to be expected.

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