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Pisces Love Match

Pisces Dates: February 19 – March 20

Pisces Love Match:

Pisces is said to make the happiest and most fulfilling love matches with those individuals born under the zodiac signs of Scorpio or of Cancer. Pisces can also be drawn to others of the same sign so a Pisces and Pisces match is not a rarity. Pisces becomes committed when love develops fully and this is what Pisces usually prefers. Pisces will be happiest in a long standing and meaningful relationship and tends to steer clear of one night stands and brief affairs. This tends also to be the case due to Pisces being a shy character less likely to be openly demonstrative of their inner passion. Often taking the more submissive role in a love partnership, Pisces can take great delight and satisfaction in providing pleasure for their partners.

Pisces does well with a partner that has a variety of emotional needs as Pisces revels in attempting to fulfil these needs. Yet Pisces can also be immensely attracted to the opposite type of character too – one whose emotional needs are few and can stand up for themselves with little difficulty. Pisces, being such a sensitive character has his or her own emotional needs and the shyness of Pisces sometimes leads to these not being made clear. This can land Pisces and their lover in difficulty.

When Pisces is your partner you are advised to be aware of this and look into Pisces’ feelings to ensure that you understand them fully. If you do then your time with Pisces can be wonderful indeed.

Another sign with a deep emotional connection is that of the sign of Cancer. In this way Pisces and Cancer can make a great partnership since both Pisces and Cancer have very caring psyches and are sensitive in similar ways.

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