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Pisces Health

Pisces Dates: February 19 – March 20

Pisces Health:

Pisces is reputed to suffer from problems with glands in particular so the lymphatic system needs to be monitored according to this lore. Since the lymphatic system is part of the immune system and fights against infection, Pisces should heed this carefully as this is obviously important for the general health of Pisces. The feet are also parts of the body that are associated with Pisces so special attention should be put on the type of shoes that Pisces wears. In this way Pisces should put comfort in front of style in this department.

It is also said that Pisces is prone to hypochondria meaning that often Pisces will think that they may be ill when this is not the case. However, Pisces should always seek the advice of a professional if Pisces does suspect they have contracted any illness.

Pisces is sometimes also susceptible to getting into difficulties with addictive substances so Pisces should take care with all drugs. Pisces would do well to remember that this includes alcohol and tobacco as well as the harder narcotics.

If Pisces can keep their mental balance in a healthy state this will go a long way to keep Pisces from getting depressed and thus need to rely less on chemical substances to heighten Pisces’ mood. The easiest way for Pisces to achieve this is to ensure that a regular, daily workout is taken up as exercise is excellent for Pisces’ state of mind.

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